What Is IABC?

in a nutshell

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We are an online
biblical text
that champions
the ideal of
“Supportive Engagement.”


We are not a church, not a Sunday AM or small group Bible class, and not a strictly academic organization or typical school or online recorded teaching program.  We are not in competition with any of those entities, and we hope (actually) to be supportive of Christian-based organizations of all kinds. Instead of being any of these, IABC is a unique and focused seminar that pursues the promise of energetic biblical text study. 

For those who want high quality, biblical text study.

With one-on-one guidance and group support,
you've found a safe place to dig deep and nurture your biblical competence.



We are an online biblical studies SEMINAR.  We focus on the path of contextual study of specific biblical texts by using carefully tested methods of evaluation. Such a seminar is not simply a happenstance class you can attend, and it is not a “fly by the seat of your pants” (in the name of the Spirit) kind of approach; it is, instead, a focused, textually oriented group project that engages biblical texts deeply.

This is why we have developed and are continually emphasizing PROBE on a text-by-text basis.  This does not mean you have to be a highfalutin Bible scholar—it just means that our approach is far more focused on high quality biblical-text study than most church Bible classes or small group “Bible study” sessions are able to be. It is also different from “schools” or online programs (which mostly comprise recorded classes).

Experienced Teachers

Get to know highly qualified teachers from a variety of backgrounds.


Motivational Sessions

Learn Bible study skills and methods that help you become an independent thinker.


We champion “Supportive Engagement.” This does not mean that we are simply nice to each other—too nice to take any risks. It rather means that we intentionally engage both biblical texts and each other in lively discussion—even when we disagree, or rather, especially when we disagree! 


We believe in the principle, “Iron sharpens iron, and one person spurs on [sharpens, whets, stimulates, provokes] alongside himself or herself, the one who is called a friend. (Prov. 27:17 LXX).”

This does not mean rancor or yelling and throwing things; it means focused, lively interchange of ideas in a context of mutual respect. It means having the other person’s back!

We believe that the group loses its power if there is no interaction—no disagreement or no ability to test ideas. Where there is no healthy tension, the potential for personal growth diminishes. We are willing to challenge each other because we respect each other and because we care about the things we believe.

Occasional LIVE Events

Our seminar occasionally meets as a group in LIVE session. 2012 (TX), 2014 (TN), 2016 (IN), 2018 (TX). 2020 was interrupted by COVID;   next planned 2023 (IN)

Online Panel Discussions

No biblical topic is off-limits, and panel discussions involve everyone in the group who is willing to be involved, either on screen (4 at a time), and/or in chat.

Occasional Team Projects

Working as a team to study specific biblical texts for practical outcomes. 



The seminar approach through supportive engagement is a powerful and empowering combination. These are essential to what we are doing, what we offer, and why we exist. One of these does not exist without the other.

In IABC, you decide how involved you want to be;  you make your own choices.  You are given all kinds of opportunities to go beyond typical “Bible study,” to learn and practice new skills, to express yourself, to ask questions, to test your ideas, to step out of the shadows and engage, not only for your own mind, but for the minds of human beings across the board.

In short, we are not a spoon-feeding group;  we are a biblical studies seminar determined to supportively engage each other.

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