The Dialogē Press*

An independent publisher
of books and study materials in the specialized niche of Responsible, Contextual, and Conversational Biblical-Text Studies.

An imprint
of the Institute for the Art of Biblical Conversation (IABC). The Institute had its beginnings in 2004;  the Press was Founded 2017.

Press Admin Office Located:  Cloverdale, IN

A targeted press
especially for that segment of Christian women and men who want more from biblical texts than is usually available in their churches or popular writings.

These are serious students of the Bible who might or might not be academically studied or inclined. However, they are personally invested in how they read, handle, and apply ancient biblical texts in the 21st Century.

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Gary D. Collier

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Brian Casey
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The Name Dialogē

The word διαλοή | dialogē (pronounced dee-ah-lo-GAYE) is a rare noun in biblical and related literature, found only in the following two texts.  It could be used to mean either 

  1. a conversation or discourse  (e.g., the biblical Psalm 103:34 above, where the "conversation" appears most directly to be the "song I am singing to KURIOS"—hence an ordered conversation with God in song);  or 
  2. an enumeration or ordered list of ideas or documents or a written account  (e.g., the pseudepigraphical Psalms of Solomon 4:1 "A dialogue or conversation or account of Solomon." Some other manuscripts have a different word:  "A Psalm." This implies that the two words are not used in substantially different ways:  they both are describing the written piece. 

 The verb form διαλέγομαι | dialegomai  occurs more often in biblical and related literature (20x) and means to discuss, reason with, argue with, conduct a discussion, speak with, and the like. 

  • OT:  Exod. 6:27; Jdg. 8:1; Est. 5:2; Isa. 63:1;
  • Apocrypha:  1 Es. 8:45; 2 Ma. 11:20; Sir. 14:20; 
  • NT:  Mk. 9:34; Acts 17:2, 17; 18:4, 19; 19:8, 9; 20:7, 9; 24:12, 25; Heb. 12:5; Jude 1:9
Drawing on this tradition, the name
The Dialogē Press 
implies books and other written or recorded materials
in pursuit of a conversation with God through biblical texts 
and for the sake of the people of God. 

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