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Our Philosophy

All Bible study should be based in responsible, contextual, and conversational integrity. 
Avid Bible readers, teachers, preachers, and other church leaders should be
challenged to engage in high quality study methods and approaches.  
Although college degrees can be extremely beneficial,
high quality Bible study is not limited to
college classrooms, degrees,
or high tuitions.

"Why I came to IABC!" 

Lee Patmore

IABC Board Member

My concern is that the church today, having long grown weary of wrangling over Biblical texts, has become fearful of a deep engagement with the very texts designed to give her life.

The church is in desperate need of a responsible model for how to engage with and be shaped by Biblical texts. IABC provides that for me.

Twila Higginbottom

IABC Board Member
Bible Teacher

I came to IABC (then CWP) to engage in responsible, contextual Bible study and conversations for the purpose of being transformed into the likeness of Christ in a community of Christ.

It seemed to me that many Christ followers were increasingly of the mind that Bible study was not relevant or too hard to do. It was easier to have someone else tell them what to think - either through a tradition or doctrine or authoritative stance. People just didn't believe that the Lord would engage with them in the sacred writings. IABC is just the place for that type of engagement with the Lord, with each other in our sacred writings in every way that technology allows.

Gary D. Collier

IABC Director
Former College Teacher

Personally, I want MORE from the Bible than most churches offer. And there is no question that the widespread apathy that exists in so many churches towards the study of biblical texts is a clear sign of demise.

I’m wanting to help spread a more serious and responsible engagement with biblical texts than I’m finding in most churches or individual Christians—not as some kind of badge, but as a spiritual necessity.

For me, “a more serious engagement” means that I want to energetically advocate responsible, contextual, and conversational biblical text study, not only for the sake of my own personal spiritual life, but also for the sake of the health and welfare of Christians and churches in the 21st century.

The world has changed.
Training in biblical text has changed

Teaching the Bible is both precious and humbling. In it, one becomes a spokesperson for God!

That's why James says, "Not many of you should become teachers . . . because we'll be judged more strictly" (3:1). 

It is both a wondrous joy from God and a terrible burden.

All of us who aspire to teach the Bible—whether we are avid Bible readers, preachers/pastors, Bible teachers, small group leaders, or other church leaders—

—we all need continual and above average help to do that task.

Now, more than any other time in history, the help we need is at our fingertips.

IABC makes this possible.

The Traditional Path

If you need a biblical studies degree for professional or personal reasons,
an accredited university is the path to take.
Depending on the program, one might find good teachers, classes, and fellow students. 

The "T" word:  Tuition is the monster in the room.

Continuing support might be lacking.  (E.g., students who take a year or two of Greek have forgotten most of it within a year.) 

Location might be an issue, although courses might be available online.

Personal attention might be lacking In large classes.

Watering down biblical-text offerings has become commonplace in many universities, diminishing the amount and the quality to appeal to a wider cache of students. 

Our Path

The best path for biblical-text study
just might be a truly revolutionary path. 

Especially if you . . .

  • want focused biblical-text study
  • are an avid Bible reader or a church leader
    (a pastor, an elder, a teacher, a small group leader),
  • are not seeking a degree (or another degree!),
  • are looking for an affordable path,  

IABC has  
a unique biblical studies program
with the
highest quality instruction.

It's online,
but it's not a typical
"distance learning" approach.

Click Here
if you'd like to set up a one-on-one free interview
for either of these tracks.

(1) Our approach is structured around LIVE weekly seminars, as if around a "graduate" level seminar table.

(2) This is supported by a 24/7 email-based discussion group.

(3) We focus on English biblical text and (if you want it) Greek text

(4) We teach the specific strategy:  Power-Reading the Bible, developed by IABC.

(5) All past courses are available by recording.

(6) You get as much personal attention as you want.

And (7) there is no "Tuition monster" in the room.  We simply ask for a nominal monthly membership fee.  

Our Current Live Seminars +

Free Short Course

Move to a new level
of Bible study
20 Lessons / 20 hours

Weekly Seminar

A respectful & jaw-dropping
look at what biblical texts
claim about each term.

Weekly Seminar

Our Team is finishing a new
translation of Romans
w/ 320+ pages of notes

Who/What is IABC?
57 Second


Who/What is IABC?
57 Second

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our 2023 Live Event

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What People Are Saying

"Nothing comparable to this exciting innovative

"Having a cup of coffee with the authors of the NT" is both an exciting and appealing way to conceive of what is a unique encounter with the text of the NT. Gary Collier, the moving force behind the program, is an extremely gifted Bible scholar and at the same time an especially exciting and effective teacher. Those who participate in this program will not only receive the very best instruction but will find practical resources for their spiritual life and their daily walk. I know of nothing comparable to this exciting innovative program and I am happy to recommend it with the highest enthusiasm.

Professor Donald A. Hagner, Ph.D.,
George Eldon Ladd Professor of New Testament,
Fuller Theological Seminary

"First-class content
in high-definition quality!"

[The following note was sent, unsolicited, to our study group
by Lee, a longtime member of the group, during the year-long study topic
"The Apocalyptic Context of the Bible."]

I was unable to attend LIVE on Sunday, so I just now finished watching the recording. I’m grateful that our sessions are recorded for us and are available in our online Virtual Commentary. The recording is first class in terms of technology. Those who have not been with us from the beginning (2012) are likely not aware of how much work/time/money has been put into the process of developing such high quality video recordings. I am very pleased that IABC has invested so heavily in this area. Watching the video is almost like being there in person. There were a number of times in watching the recording when I just about started to type something in the chat box 😊.

Not only that, the class content bears witness to the same level of investment. It’s nice to start getting a sense of how the journey we have taken thus far in the study of the roots of Apocalyptic concepts through the literature of ancient Mesopotamia and the like will bear fruit in our contemplation of Biblical texts.

Lee Patmore
Preacher, Shepherd Team, Student of the Word
Saskatchewan, Canada

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More about IABC

Our Primary Focus

Our primary focus is the pursuit of responsible and contextual biblical-text study which seeks to apply academically sound approaches to everyday, real-life settings. Our ultimate goal is to achieve and teach conversational biblical text interactions that bring all readers closer to God, to his longing for us, and to his people.


Our Study Partners

Our study partners come from all walks of life.  PhD's, MD's, college degrees, no degrees---highly motivated Bible readers, all.  Women and men from all adult ages, they live in the US, Canada, and parts of Europe.  Those attracted to what we offer have the following traits:

  • although respectful of traditional readings, they all want to think critically about the Bible and Biblical texts.
  • they are, or want to become, independent Bible thinkers.
  • they might be independent Bible students, or they might be small-group leaders, ministry leaders, teachers, preachers, pastors, elders, deacons, or missionaries.

Led by . . .

Under the leadership of Gary D. Collier (Ph.D. biblical studies), IABC communally developed the PROBE approach for reading biblical texts conversationally. Collier taught biblical languages and literature at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, CA., Iliff School of Theology in Denver, CO., and Martin University, Indianapolis, IN., before founding in 2004 what is now IABC.  A full academic bio will open in a new window here.

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