The Journey that is NT Greek

NT Greek is a journey, not an event; 
a skill for those wanting more from Bible study.

5 Steps You Can Take

Take these steps in order;  as many steps as you choose.

If you are coming here from the link in the book Scribes Trained for the Kingdom,
the steps have been updated from 4 to 5 Steps.

Greek as a Spiritual Discipline

11 Weeks

Dip your toes into
the water!

A very basic intro to NT Greek as a Spiritual Discipline.  11 weeks focusing on Mt 13:52:  Scribes Trained for the Kingdom.

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Free Logos Bible Software

7 Weeks

Put your basic Greek to work immediately!

A hands-on intro to the Free Logos Bible Software building on what you learned in Step 1.  Focus on word study skills with powerful tools. 

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NT Greek
Foundations I

19 Weeks

For those who
want more!

Equivalent to 1st semester college level Greek for very busy people. Each lesson is 1.5 hours. Will give you a solid foundation for NT Greek.

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NT Greek
Foundations II

20 Weeks

For the
truly serious!

Equivalent to 2nd Semester college level Greek for very busy people. Each lesson is 1.5 hours. Completing this course is a big deal and prepares you for step 5.

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Greek NT
Translation Team

Ongoing Weekly

Now you get to join in with others who've taken this journey as we, together, translate our way through the NT (and some OT). Vocab building, advanced grammar, team projects, and more. 

This is how you stay current with your new skill.  

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