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Jeff Faull

Senior Minister
Mt. Gilead Church
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Not sure you have time for NT Greek?

Okay, I confess, I'm one of those preachers who skipped Biblical Languages in college, picked up a Bachelors degree and immediately started preaching in my early 20's.

Fast forward 30 years of ministry, 3 kids and 3 grandchildren later. By Gods grace I now serve a

1500 member church, write for publications and carry a significant travel schedule.

But I find myself with less time than I had when I bypassed Greek in the first place.

Enter IABC. Gary Collier and Patrick Spicer made 1st Year Greek possible, accessible and even enjoyable. Their step by step approach for even novices like myself with hectic schedules is an excellent path for busy people. David Alan Black’s textbook and the patient user-friendly way that Patrick helped us interact with it, was absolutely stellar. The study apps and the community approach along with Patrick’s knowledge gave me the confidence to complete 1st Year Greek.

Everybody is busy, but the rewards that come from wading around in the language God used to gift us with

His truth are worth another slot on your calendar. You can do this. Take it from a guy that's still too busy. You won't be sorry. 

The biggest problem with college/university Greek programs 
is not bad instruction.

The Traditional Way

  1. Exorbitant cost
  2. Jack-rabbit paced (leaving many students behind)
  3. Limited amount of class time
  4. No recordings of classes for review
  5. No ongoing support beyond basic studies (the majority of Bible students who take a year or two of Greek have forgotten most of it within 2-3 years.) 
  6. An increasing lack of commitment to the amount of Greek study offered (many schools have closed NT Greek programs)
  7. An increasing focus on the formality of "accreditation" over high quality study and personal attention


Our Way

  1. Affordable.
  2. As much time to learn Greek as you choose
  3. As much review of class time as you choose
  4. Full recordings of classes for perpetual review
  5. Ongoing support year after year in active Greek translation of biblical-texts, vocabulary building, grammar studies through our Greek NT Translation Team projects.
  6. Our Greek program is our highest priority, and we continually tailor our offerings to what students need the most.  
  7. Our "accreditation" comes from our students who receive as much personal attention as they want and need.
If you are looking for . . .

a high-quality, top-shelf experience
in Greek studies for personal Bible study, teaching, or preaching reasons,
without the high cost, 
we have an ideal program.

However, if you need . . .

a formally accredited degree
for professional reasons,
we encourage you to seek out
a university or seminary program
which maintains a strong focus
in Hellenistic Greek studies.

Our lead Greek teacher . . .

Gary D. Collier, BA, MDiv, ThM, PhD
Graduate Theological Foundation
Dissertation Supervisor: Prof. Donald A. Hagner
Defended at Christ Church, Oxford University

I Paulos:  in Search of an Authentic Paul in the Letter of 1Thessalonians (with an extended critical introduction to the debate over the "real Paul," and with a new translation and notes).  

Formerly taught Biblical Languages (Hebrew and Greek) at Fuller Theological Seminary and Martin University (Indianapolis); and Greek at Iliff School of Theology (Denver). 

Moved from university teaching to found IABC. 

Free Courses

(A Spark for "NT Greek")  

Take steps 1-2
free and in order.

NT Greek
as a Spiritual Discipline

11 Weeks

Just a spark 
to get things going! 

A very basic intro to 
NT Greek as a Spiritual Discipline. 
Focusing on Mt 13:52:  
Scribes Trained for the Kingdom.

More Info on this Free Course
Using Logos
Bible Software

7 Weeks

Fanning the flame: 
Putting Greek to work!

A hands-on intro to the 
Free Logos Bible Software 
using what you learned in Step 1.
Word study skills with powerful tools. 

More Info on this Free Course

First Year Greek

(Starting a "NT Greek Fire")

Take steps 3-6 in order.
4 quarters, 40 sessions + 3 bonus sessions. 1.5 hrs per session. 
College level at a slower pace. More in-depth coverage.  
More time to learn the material.
More personal attention.

NT Greek
Qtr. 1

10 Weeks

NT Greek
Qtr. 2

10 Weeks

NT Greek
Qtr. 3

10 Weeks

NT Greek
Qtr. 4

10 Weeks

Cost Comparison 

For 1st Year Greek only
(steps 3 thru 6)

1st Yr Greek at College/University

Program = 30 Weeks*

  1. Weekly:    $40-166     (x 30)   = Total $1,200-$5,000+ 
  2. Monthly:  $150-900     (x 8)   = Total $1,200-$5,000+ 
  3. 4 Pay:       $300-1,666  (x 4)   = Total $1,200-$5,000+  
  4. 1 pay                                        = Total $1,200-$5,000+

*not including interest or fees,
and these prices are going up dramatically.

1st Yr Greek at IABC
Pay Options

Our Program = 40 Weeks + 4 Bonus*

  1. Weekly:      $13   (x 40)      = Total $520  
  2. Monthly:    $47   (x 10)      = Total $470
  3. 4 Pay:       $110    (x 4)        = Total $440  
  4. 1 Pay:       $397    (x 1)        = Total $397 

*Can stop anytime;  No refunds for any plan.

Choose your pay option and start now:


Ongoing Greek Support

(Stoking a "NT Greek Fire")

The Greek New Testament Translation Team

Step 7:
A weekly translation project.
Translating our way through the NT (and some OT).
Vocab building, advanced grammar, team projects, and more. 

The Greek NT
Translation Team

Ongoing Weekly

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