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2022 Seminar
Paul's Letter to the Romans . . .

This 2022 Biblical Seminar
Started in January

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Detailed description of this LIVE year-long seminar 

25 minutes.


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Why Romans?


Themes and principles vital for day-to-day life and decision-making:

  • God's Righteousness and Power
  • Incredible Grace
  • New Life and Forgiveness

Hopeful alternatives to the madness of the 21st century:

  • the vacuous political agendas
  • the hateful attitudes of violence
  • the hopelessness of human suffering

Paul's most cohesive statement of life under God's rule!

This video has no sound. 

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Why Study Romans (Again)?


Richard Davies, Ph.D

Retired pastor who was ordained almost 60 years ago
and served congregations (preaching every Sunday) for 40 years.
I still preach several times a year.

Why should we study Romans (again)?

Recently I was asked to lead a nine-week Bible study at church, and my question was, “What do you want to study?” When I mentioned Romans as a possibility, the pastor (who would sit in on the class) said, “I have been through a half-dozen Bible studies on Romans. I don’t think I would benefit from another such study.” We spent the nine weeks in a worth-while (I think it was worth-while) study of selected parables of Jesus.

Why might we benefit from “another” study of Romans? Many people distinguish between Romans and the other letters of Paul by saying the other letters were intended to address problems in the various congregations. They say that Romans is Paul’s “systematic theology.” He had never been to Rome, but knew the congregations in Rome had heard of him, so he wanted to explain exactly what he believed. I think this is partly true, but far from the full truth.

Although Paul had never been to Rome, he thought he knew the situation and the problems there, because he knew all those people listed in chapter 16. Because of this presumed knowledge, he wrote, as always, to address what he saw as a problem (or problems) within the community of Christ-believers. However the “problem” that he is addressing is not as obvious to us as it seems to be in his other letters. I anticipate coming to Gary’s study and gaining new insights into the “problem.” Perhaps Gary will give me the insight, or perhaps the Holy Spirit will open new insight to me as a result of the study.

How, then, does all of this relate to me, a person of the 21st century living in the U.S.A.? This is a question that haunts me every time I read Romans, because I always find new things to think about, whether reading all of the letter or just a chapter or two. I am a person who has studied Romans seriously, but I am convinced that I can benefit from “another” study of Romans.

Editor's note:  Richard was also a dean and professor at Martin University for years. He is currently one of our teachers at IABC. See more under teacher profiles here in a new window.

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A few of our study partners tell us
about themselves and "Why Romans!"

Katrina Hamel

This year marks the twentieth anniversary of marriage to my husband, and we live in Canada.  We have four children aged 7 to 16.  I offer part time childcare from my home. I am also an indie author, with three biblical fiction books and another book releasing in 2022.  I have a strong interest in the first century world and the role of women in the early church.  I’m excited for this new seminar on Paul and a Conversational Reading of Romans! I love considering how Christians thought about and lived out their faith amid the struggles of the early church.
I’m looking forward to studying with all of you!  


Mike Wilkinson

I live in East Texas. I have been studying with the group at IABC for about 10 years now. I have strong interests in history and archeology, and I believe these complement my reading the Bible and other ancient texts. I joined forces with this group at first in order to learn Greek. I have been able to accomplish that, with the help of patient instruction and good study partners. I also got something that I wasn't initially looking for -- a better way to read scripture. Study with this group has made Biblical authors and the initial recipients of their texts come alive to me. I believe I comprehend better what I am reading, and am better able to let the text influence my life. As a result, my faith is stronger, and I find that I am more able to persevere when times get tough. This group of people at IABC has been a major blessing in my life, and I thank God for all of you. See more under teacher profiles here in a new window.

Jeff Faull

I’m a preacher from Indiana. I am a friend and fan of Gary Collier and have dipped in and out of IABC. I remain fascinated with the idea of conversational Bible exploration and I love PROBE. Probably won’t interact too much due to a demanding season of life, but I am coming because this is a place where I can quietly listen, learn and grow.

Gary often stretches my mind even when I am uncomfortable with it or disagree. Also I am captivated by Paul’s life and mind and look forward to considering that pursuit. Blessings to all as we embark. 

Carolyn M. Smith

I live in the northeast US.  I was raised in a Christian family. My father and mother were very active in the local church. Some of my early memories are of going to church. I have been in numerous Bible studies and probably could write one of those fill in the blank kind. I came to this group thru Edward Fudge and his gracemail.

I was looking for a different Bible study that looked at the context not just the verse here or there. Gary's concept of PROBE really appeals to me as I have learned so much about each book we have studied. I am really looking forward to this Romans study and what I can learn from it.

Portia Regan

I came on board with Coffee with Paul about 10 years ago.  This group and our studies are truly a blessing in my life.

As a child, my mom made sure I attended EVERY church service. I was baptized at 16 and my whole life changed.  I finished  a couple of years of college, wound up in southern Californian (LA area) working as a corporate trainer (in banking) where I met the love of my life, Richard RZR Regan, a talented comedian and actor with his own comedy shop who also worked in Hollywood Television production. After he tragically died from pancreatic cancer in 2002, I moved back to Indiana (by way of a short stint in Long Island) and eventually became a corporate Leadership Development Director for the State of Indiana, which was certainly my niche!  I am now retired and mom to two little house bunnies and lovin' life. 

Over the years, I've had the privilege of being in many, many of Gary's classes and I've always told him that he is the best teacher I have ever had anywhere--and I stand by that remark.  In fact, it just gets better and better.  Using PROBE is so very helpful in studying the texts, and has forever changed the way I handle the Bible.  Having been a long time since really studying the book of Romans, I am so looking forward to this study, including gaining insights into "Paul" himself.  Thank you for listening,


Twila Higginbottom

I live in Northwest Arkansas with my husband (a Mississippi River Boat captain) my two sons and my parents.  I have been a member of IABC for about 10 years.  This community has been very encouraging and helpful as I have sought to grow in responsible, contextual, and conversational Bible study.  

What do I hope to gain from Romans?  Oh my..... how to say this...... I want to embrace God and King Jesus in ever increasing measure in trust - the trust of Abraham fulfilled in Jesus.  I hope to in ever-increasing- measure live in right responsiveness to the Lord (before whom I stand) within a broken and divisive world.  I hope to grow closer to the Lord, His Word and His people.  I look forward to conversing with you all!


More from our study partners . . .

Lee Patmore

I’ve been journeying with this group for a number of years. I’m from Canada and came to Christ as a 19 year old. I was raised in a good home, but not a Christian home. 

After being introduced to Christ I began reading the Bible for the first time with the gospel of John, and was blown away by the person of Jesus. That was 40 years ago and I still begin my days in the Text. 

The PROBE method we use here in IABC helps me, day after day, to hear from God and keeps our sacred Book alive to me. I am looking forward to having Paul lead me to a richer understanding of the gospel on our journey through Romans. I want a deeper appreciation for what it is that compelled Paul to lay it all down for Christ. If you’re new here, Welcome! I look forward to getting to know you. This is a rich place to study the Bible. I urge you to invest fully. You will be challenged but it’s worth every step. See more under teacher profiles here in a new window.

Beverly Park-Watkins

I live in Indianapolis, Indiana and was raised in the Church. I was raised in a home of wayward believers, however they made sure my siblings and I went to Worship service. I began going every time the doors were open and eventually gave my life to Jesus and became a child of the King at a young age, probably around 11 or 12. But I never really studied the Scriptures in depth. I had studied with the Churches that I had been a member of over the years but those were just superficial studies.

I have been with IABC, off and on from the beginning back in or around 2004. Studying with this group has really helped me. I love studying the Greek translation and trying to do the PROBE. Gary makes the Greek so plain. I still fumble a little but that's only because I have missed a lot due to illness. However, I refuse to stop because studying with IABC, working in Greek, and how to PROBE has definitely enhanced my studies.

Our current study of Romans has been an amazing journey:  I'm getting so much insight from this.  I highly encourage you to check this out.

[Note by gdc:  Beverly is a little shy, here:  A number of years ago, she attended Martin University (Indianapolis), MA in Biblical Theology with an emphasis in Greek and Hebrew studies, and MA in Community Psychology, and later taught Greek at Simmons Bible College. My very first student at Martin!]

Sherrod Lee

I am a retired physician,  the West Coast outlier in the group (Seattle!).  Born in Spur, TX, into a large extended family of Christians, I grew up in CA.  I am retired from the Navy, and the practice of Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose & Throat).  I practiced in several states, but mostly on the Oregon Coast.  Currently, my wife of 61 years, Joyce, and I live in Shoreline, WA, a Seattle suburb. 

Over the years, I have served as an elder and Bible class teacher.  I started with Coffee With Paul pretty early on. 

I have benefitted in so many ways, including  Greek language study, and all the many classes, as well.  One side effect of this experience though, it has spoiled me for the "usual" church Bible studies.  I always look forward to class time on Sundays.



This year-long seminar is being led by

Gary D. Collier

Director of the Institute for the Art of Biblical Conversation (IABC)
Author of numerous books including
I, Paulos: Shades of Conversation in 1Thessalonians
and The Art of Biblical Conversation.
PhD in biblical studies.

Formerly taught biblical languages and literature at Fuller Theological Seminary, the Iliff School of Theology, and Martin University.
See more under teacher profiles here in a new window.


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More from our study partners . . .

Doug Lemon

I live in West Virginia. I’m a former preacher and continuing Bible student. All of our studies in IABC have been well worth my time.  Gary has always responded to my questions and inquiries.  I appreciate that we have multiple teachers.  Brian Casey’s recent class on Philemon, for example, received very complimentary remarks from our group and good participation by all. I appreciated Brian’s scholarly approach to his class and I have a great deal of respect for his ability, efforts and contribution to our studies.  Our group has a diversity in age, background, education, religious culture and perhaps more. Our teachers try to meet as many needs as they can – and I think think they do a good job.

In our recent year-long class on Apocalyptic literature, I appreciated Gary at least mentioning some of the difficult “topics” that came up in Revelation (e.g.,  “forever”, “nature of man”, what is "hell.")  I would have enjoyed a few more weeks looking at those controversies.   I realize any of them could be a study of it's own and they were not the focus of our study.  I always enjoy finding an “outside the box” thinker like myself.

I plan to keep on watching, listening, learning, and growing.  (A returning customer is a satisfied customer),  Then sharing this wisdom with those who are occasionally willing to hear what I have to say. I’ve read once already Gary’s monster book, I Paulos, and I keep coming back to it from time to time; and have recently finished N.T. Wright’s biography of Paul (great read). I have started The Aims of Jesus, by Ben F. Meyer.  I am not sure my waders are high enough or my ladder tall enough – but I do grasp a gleam of light occasionally.

I really appreciate Gary and the entire IABC group.  He is blessed – AND he is a blessing.

Lanette Collier

I live in small town Indiana.  I have been with IABC since the earliest beginnings in 2004.  I was raised in Church, but really never had a good understanding of the Bible, or how it could assist me in my daily life.

I love using PROBE in my studies.  It helps me to understand better.  I personally like taking one book at a time, instead of playing hopscotch throughout the Bible.  I like learning of the times about where the text comes from and how I can use it in my daily life. 

I enjoy hearing from everyone in the group, and knowing I’m not the only one who has struggled or had questions, needing clarity. I am really excited to start the study of Romans with the group. I pray that everyone will join us with open hearts and minds.  To have a truly heart felt conversation with Paul.  I look forward to getting to know our new members.

David Riggs

I live in North Carolina and have been part of IABC (quietly) for several years. I appreciate the studies we have had. I have been on a journey with and searching for God since I was very young and am still searching for answers. Even though I have found many answers to life in the study of the Bible and in Jesus's life,  I have learned through studies the past few years (and especially in our last study of Apocalyptic Context of the Bible, Revelation), there are not answers for all questions that I have. Also, I have learned that there are other ancient writings similar to Biblical writings that can help us understand the culture and context of the Bible. But I am trying to act on what I do understand and not worry so much about what I do not understand. Looking forward to learning more about Paul and his Christianity and Romans and how he and it fits into the overall scheme of what we call the Bible. Thanks for Gary's work and effort in making this happen.


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More from our study partners . . .

Brad Thornton

Twila, you’re my neighbor!  After working in Iowa for a number of years, I pastored a church in Hot Springs, Arkansas as a transitional minister.  I having been living in Hot Springs for a couple of years, but now have my first grandchild (better looking and far more well behaved than his father ever was, ha) who is living in Des Moines.  So, I am spending time in both places now.  

After using Gary’s “Coffee With Paul” series in a Sunday school class in 2012, I have been jumping in an out of Gary’s courses since then.  I now have more time to devote to listening, thinking and taking biblical courses in a more in-depth way.  

I am hoping to get into Paul’s mind and life in this class.  He writes to people he doesn’t know in his letter to the Romans and says fascinating things about when and what made Jesus the Son of God, as well as developing an extremely well thought out theology of sin, humanity, and Adam theology.  I am very interested in his idea of sin as a cosmic power and the Adam theology he develops and how that might inform us on what was in his mind when he wrote what he did in Philippians 2.  I’m really looking forward to it all.

Stevan Atkins

I live in Arkansas. I learned about this group years ago when my wife and I lived in Nashville, TN but I didn't have time to be involved and lost touch until last year. Six years ago we moved to Searcy, AR where my wife grew up and went to college. It also put us closer to the promised land (Texas) where my parents live and where I grew up.  We have a 12-year-old daughter although 60 is just around the corner for me.

I have had great experiences in churches in Texas, TN and AR as well as overseas in Asia and South America. I get excited learning about new cultures and contexts of people inside and outside of Scripture.

Who better to study than Paul, the first Texan. You don't believe me? Remember when he talked about going to the 3rd heaven. Texas was the first step on his way. I look forward to engaging Paul with yaaaaalll. 

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