Reading Revelation Today

Dec 14, 2021

My encouragement to all who would read the book of Revelation is this:  Spend less time listening to theories about the book (how it is said to apply to this or that thing today or tomorrow), and more time reading the text itself. Stop trying to figure out every little thing in the book. Rather, bask in the ultra large message that faithfulness to God is how you endure and survive all the wars the host of the abyss can throw at you---even if they kill you in the process.  Sounds contradictory. But that is what it means:  

Be faithful even if you die because of it,
and I will give you Life as the laurel wreath of victory!  

Now some notes: 

On Aug 11, 2021, I posted an invitation (with a video) to a new study of the book of Revelation.  That study is coming to an end this coming week. 

Last week, just prior to an hour-long class on Revelation 19-22, I made some unplanned, unscripted, and quite informal, off-the-cuff remarks about "Reading Revelation" to the IABC study team. I have now turned those remarks into the 9 minute video that heads this post. 

The new translation of Revelation shown in the video (the one that reflects the book's inherent poetic style) is called the PST (Private Study Translation).  This was available here for a time but is now available only for private purchase. Use the contact form on the website for inquiries.

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