Commenting on Posts

Apr 04, 2021

This post is about logging in so that you can make comments to posts in this Blog.  It is not talking about logging in to the website per se. 

In order to make comments on these blog posts, you must first sign in by using one of the systems shown below (Facebook, etc.) I recommend creating a Disqus account. Under "Sign up with Disqus" below (you can also click the big blue D and choose "Need an account?")

1. Type any username you like
2. Email address
3. Choose a password (write it down!)
4. Click the arrow
5. You'll be sent an email (it might take 5 or 10 minutes).
6. Confirm your email address.

Piece 'o cake!

Once signed in you can edit your profile, and posting becomes very simple. (BTW, I don't like the captchas either, but they're easy, and they help protect our discussion group.)

Obviously, you should decide for yourself if you want to create an account with Disqus or use one of the other services.