Context Attention Disorder

Apr 02, 2022

The list below—an instance of what I'll term CAD—was projected during a sermon I heard.

 With some guidance, one might legitimately compare brief texts by six different authors with six different literary and historical contexts, but this kind of comparison is best handled by one who understands such things as the nature and interrelationships of literature, asynchronous etymology, linguistic translation in general, and the very nature of the collection of books we call "the Bible."  Put more simply:  it's not legitimate to assume that, say, the idea of "temptation" in (1) a collection of sayings and (2) a letter—written 1000 years apart—are the same thing. 

The list above seems to typify church CAD (Context Attention Disorder).  That's not really a thing, but it could be.  You see, when preachers jump willy-nilly around from text to text like this, ignoring context and acting as though the simple use of a word is proof that it means the same thing in Genesis as in James, they are like dogs with ADD(OS)—which of course is Attention Deficit Disorder (Oh!  Squirrel!)  In the case of preachers, the last two letters should probably represent "Oh!  Spirit!" (he suggested facetiously, since it is not the Spirit of God that causes folks to be careless). 

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