Blenderizing Our Bibles

Apr 11, 2021

It is very sad to say that, among Christians, "blenderizing the Bible" is the most popular method on the planet for reading the Bible . 

The point here is not that we cannot compare biblical texts; the point is that there is a responsible way of doing that, and an irresponsible way. 

There is a huge difference between

  1. on the one hand, getting to know biblical documents individually and well on their own and only then comparing them with each other responsibly and contextually;  and
  2. on the other hand, using texts interchangeably between biblical documents as if what one document says, the others will mean, and calling this "the Bible as a commentary on itself."   

Not only is the latter approach irresponsible, it is disrespectful to the biblical texts we have received and which we cherish.

As stated, the latter approach is the most common method on the planet. Surely we can do better than turning our biblical texts into blender fodder so as to feed our traditional and theological appetites.  

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Gary D. Collier