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The Biblical Conversation Masterclass
Here's how it will help you:

. . . will give you a behind-the-scenes look 
at how biblical texts engage each other
in ongoing conversation.


. . . will help you become
a more effective conversation partner
with those texts.


. . . will help you engage
biblical authors as if sitting down with them
over coffee.


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These statements were spontaneous, voluntary, and unsolicited.

Lee Patmore

Church Leader, Teacher, Speaker
Saskatchewan, Canada
Personal Profile

This Masterclass has been really good, Gary.
I've journeyed along this path with you
for many years now,
and have watched (listened) to you try to explain this repeatedly.
This presentation has 'hit home' with me in some new ways.
Thank you!

Jeff Faull

Mt. Gilead Church
Mooresville, IN 

Thank you for providing.
That truly was one of the most fascinating Bible studies
I've ever experienced.
You are a master at the masterclass. Even if I don’t always share all your conclusions about the nature of canon etc.,
that was a fantastic exposition.  

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Do you know why so many Christians
struggle with Bible reading?

Over the past two decades, I've talked with thousands of Christians across the US and from various parts of the world about how they read the Bible, and here are the top 5 struggles I've heard:   

  1. "I don't have time." 
  2. "It's a huge book, and some of it is very hard to read."
  3. "It's an old book, and some of it seems (or is) out of date;  maybe even the cause of social ills (racism, sexism, etc.)" 
  4. "Too many people fight over the Bible."
  5. "How and when I read the Bible is between me and God and is nobody else's business."

These 5 issues boil down to the following underlying causes:

  1. Self Management and Motivation
  2. Study Skills
  3. Perspective
  4. Predisposition
  5. Spiritual Isolationism 

The approach called Biblical Conversation addresses and helps to overcome every one of these struggles! 

Even if you have strong skills,
you can Turbocharge Your Bible Study!

Maybe you don't struggle with Bible reading. 
Maybe you feel strong in every one of the areas mentioned above.

That's Fantastic! 

Biblical Conversation will make you even stronger!
It's like putting a turbocharger on a car.

The Biblical Conversation Masterclass
will show you how!


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These statements were spontaneous, voluntary,
and part of a membership-wide discussion about the value of our program.

Carolyn Smith

Teacher, Speaker
Peabody, MA

I was missing something and I knew it. I would hear preachers and think "How do they do that?" The Biblical Conversation approach has really helped. I think it's a matter of "Do you want to learn to study the Bible in depth?" All my Bible reading now has taken on a new significance. I look more carefully at the context and listen to what is being said. I recognize the "personal" bias I have and try to set it aside. It's challenging and fascinating.  Yes I was missing something and I knew it. Now I am finally getting the tools to learn what I wanted to know.

Twila Higginbottom

Teacher, Group Leader, Mother
Rogers, AR 

I find this enlarges my heart and mind to be more responsible in study and conversation. To study and talk with people who only see it the same as I do is to experience affirmation but not growth. To study and converse with people who will challenge me to grow and who think in ways in which I am not experienced is to be affirmed and grow. IABC provides the best of both. I think this kind of supportive engagement is necessary to grow in Christ, and I certainly want to do that!

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What Does This Masterclass Cover?

Following are the original slides from the 3 day LIVE event!
All are now available immediately in the video course.

Session 1: The Opportunity

  • What Biblical Conversation is and is not.
  • How it relates to and compares with standard approaches to Bible reading.
  • How it is inclusive of other approaches and helps to establish order, direction, and strategy in reading.
  • The one major skill it brings to the table that other approaches do not.

Session 2: The Journey

  • A detailed demonstration of Biblical Conversation within biblical texts
  • Principles of detecting ongoing conversation between biblical writers.

Session 3: The Transformation

  • A focus on how the pursuit of Biblical Conversation can transform how we interact with biblical texts.
  • Step by step strategies for "striking up a conversation" with a biblical author/text today. 

"One of the most fascinating Bible studies
I've ever experienced"

Jeff Faull

This Masterclass on Biblical Conversation is

packed with original content and energy--
a unique and strategic approach that is
definitely NOT 'more of the same.'

Easily worth


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What if we decided
to stop merely reading the Bible,

and we refused any more 
to be passive in our Bible reading? 


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