New Testament Greek,
a Spiritual Discipline?

7 “Fresh-Air” Outcomes
That Breathe New Life
into Bible Study


A 10-week course for English Bible readers

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GaryWith Gary D. Collier, Ph.D.
Biblical languages & Literature

Director:  Institute for the Art of Biblical Conversation
Author:  Reading the Bible like Jesus

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This course is for you
if you want to  . . .


Each one of these 7 benchmarks is a promise
if you will only apply yourself
to the principles taught in this course.


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Details of the 10-Week Course: 
"NT Greek, a Spiritual Discipline"


  • A 10 week course on NT Greek as a Spiritual Discipline
  • You'll learn 7 key benchmarks for Greek as a Spiritual Discipline. Supporting this will be 7 weekly videos starting week 4.
  • You'll learn the Greek alphabet, a small number of words, and some very basic grammar using a textbook written specifically for this course.
  • You'll spend the entire 10 weeks taking a close look at the Greek text of Mt 13:52
  • You'll also be part of a special 24/7 email discussion group set up just for this course.


  • This course is for those who want to dip their toes in the exciting sea of biblical Greek language as a sample first step.
  • Adults from any and all backgrounds are invited:  women and men, working and retired, blue and white collar.  
  • If you have a  college background of any kind, you are most welcome! But college is not a necessary background. 
  • High school students  will do well at this, and it would give them a taste of the language and the value of it.   (I, myself, as a high school student, would have loved such an opportunity as this.)


  • Immediate 24/7 Access
  • 1 hour each lesson
  • These lessons were recorded live, and they will feel LIVE! 
  • You have access to 24/7 help for questions. 


  • The textbook (2019) was written specifically for this program over 8 years.  
  • Must be purchased.  It may be examined and purchased here: or by clicking on the book cover.
  •  If you have only early drafts of this book, you will need this book (It is quite different).
  • The book is introduced by Jeff Faull, senior pastor of Mount Gilead Church, Mooresville, IN.
  • This book is unique among all other Greek books, in that it builds "Spiritual Discipline" into the very DNA of the teaching process. 
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This course is an excellent way to

Immediately improve
some basic Bible study skills
(like doing word studies).

"Test the waters" for your
possible interest
in learning Greek
on a deeper level. 


This course will not make you proficient in the language of NT Greek.  It is a minimal introduction to some basic features of the language by focusing on a single text (Mt 13:52).  This course will help you dip your toe into the larger sea of ancient Greek language studies.  It will give you a glimpse of what is possible for Bible study reasons.  The more you apply yourself to learning the basics this course offers, the more it will help improve your Bible study experience in the 7 ways listed above. 

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