A Breath of Fresh Air for Bible Study

GaryGary D. Collier, Ph.D.
Biblical languages & Literature

Director:  IABC
Author of numerous books


GaryLee Patmore
Teacher of NT Greek and 
Biblical Text,
Long-time avid user of Logos Bible Software

Two FREE Courses, Back-to-Back and Integrated 

  1. NT Greek as a Spiritual Discipline, by Gary Collier.  11 lessons, 1 hour each.
    **This course introduces NT Greek not just as a language, but as a spiritual discipline.  
    **You'll learn the alphabet, about 30 Greek words, some things about the structure of NT Greek.
    **You'll focus on one verse (Mt 13:52) as a means of learning a few basics
    **and also 7 benchmarks for spiritual discipline.

  2. Learning to Use the Free Version of Logos Bible Software, by Lee Patmore. 7 lessons, 1 hour each. 
    **A phenomenal 7 hour course, fully indexed (time stamped) so you can find specific topics easily.
    **Assumes you have a basic knowledge of Greek, but that you may not be familiar with Logos software.
    **Shows you how to download, install, and set up Logos in usable layouts.
    **Focuses on how to navigate the software and especially how to do various kinds of searching.
    **Teaches you valuable skills for word studies and the like.
    **Builds on the Greek class above and uses Mt 13:52 as a way to learn and use Logos.
Free 2-in-1 Course
Immediate Access

Specific Info on the Greek Class:  The 7 Benchmarks 

Free 2-in-1 Course
Immediate Access

Questions for the Greek Class


  • A 10 week course on NT Greek as a Spiritual Discipline
  • You'll learn 7 key benchmarks for Greek as a Spiritual Discipline. Supporting this will be 7 weekly videos starting week 4.
  • You'll learn the Greek alphabet, a small number of words, and some very basic grammar using a textbook written specifically for this course.
  • You'll spend the entire 10 weeks taking a close look at the Greek text of Mt 13:52
  • You'll also be part of a special 24/7 email discussion group set up just for this course.


  • This course is for¬†those who¬†want to dip their toes in the exciting sea of biblical Greek language as a sample first step.
  • Adults from any and all backgrounds are invited:¬† women and men, working and retired, blue and white collar.¬†¬†
  • If you have a ¬†college background of any kind, you are most welcome! But college is not a necessary background.¬†
  • High school students¬†¬†will do well at this, and it would give them a taste of the language and the value of it.¬† ¬†(I, myself, as a high school student, would have loved such an opportunity as this.)


  • Immediate 24/7 Access
  • 1 hour each lesson
  • These lessons were recorded live, and they will feel LIVE! 
  • You have access to 24/7 help for questions. 


  • The textbook (2019) was written specifically for this program over 8¬†years.¬†¬†
  • Must be purchased.¬† It may be examined and purchased here:¬† https://amzn.to/3HXtfiK or by clicking on the book cover.
  • ¬†If you have only¬†early drafts of this book,¬†you will need this book (It is quite different).
  • The book is introduced by Jeff Faull, senior pastor of Mount Gilead Church, Mooresville, IN.
  • This book is unique among all other Greek books, in that it builds "Spiritual Discipline" into the very DNA of the teaching process.¬†
Free 2-in-1 Course
Immediate Access