It's time to CHALLENGE 
schizophrenic, hopscotch Bible study habits!


For SERIOUS Bible readers only 

"Power-Reading" is not reading faster.
It's an energetic, disciplined approach to reading deeper and with more meaning.
This level of engagement with biblical texts will only appeal to those who want MORE from their Bibles.

Power-Reading Course 

5 videos to focus your Bible Reading!

Video 1:   The #1 Thing        (9 min) 
Video 2:   A New Mindset   (9 min) 
Video 3:   Step-by-Step 1    (15 min)
Video 4:   Step-by-Step 2    (28 min)
Video 5:   Power-Reading   (9 min) 

This course is easily worth $50
But we're making it available for a 1x gift of


or more to help us spread this much needed message. 

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