A Major Bible Study Resource

A 15-Book
Biblical Studies Library You Can Download
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3,024 Pages

A Focused Collection

This "Library" is the complete collection
of the 15 volumes written by
Gary D. Collier
from 1993 to 2021
developing the concept of
Biblical Conversation


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Challenging, Yet Readable

These books will challenge you to think!  
Carefully Researched
Academically Sound
These are study books, not devotional material!
And yet they are
Extremely Readable!

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1 New Resource;
15 Downloadable Books 

Bold = Now Available
= Available by Dec 1, 2021
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Main Studies (The method and mode of Biblical Conversation)

  • [1] The Art of Biblical Conversation (hardback) (160 pgs)
  • [2] Forgotten Treasure (paperback(208 pgs)
  • [3] Scripture, Canon, & Inspiration (paperback) (326 pgs)
  • [4] Graphe (Scripture) (A Focused Word Study) (paperback) (173 pgs)
  • [5-8] I Paulos (4 volumes in 1) (hardback) (740 pgs)
  • [9] Divorce in the Christ Community (web-based, not on Amazon) (347 pgs)

Make a request availability of the following 

Group Studies ("Hands-on" modeling of Biblical Conversation for small groups)

  • [10-11] Unrelenting Faith: Readers (2 volumes) (paperback:  vol 1  vol 2) (328 pgs)
  • [12-13] Unrelenting Faith: Journals (2 volumes) (paperback:  vol 1  vol 2) (254 pgs)
  • [14] Growing Groups in Biblical Texts (Leader's Guide) (paperback) (58 pgs)

Special Studies (Supportive to the practice of Biblical Conversation)

  • [15] Engaging Paul in 1Corinthians (paperback) (300 pgs)
  • [16] Scribes Trained for the Kingdom (hardback) (130 pgs)
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2 Versions

Two PDF versions of this Bible study resource are available:  
BASIC Access and GOLD Access.
Both are downloads.
The only difference is the permissions.

You will be able to read and search any of the books.

In addition to BASIC, you will be able
to mark, underline, type, copy texts and images,
and print any section you want, including whole books
---all for your own personal use.

In both BASIC and GOLD versions,
you download pdf files of these books to your computer
and read them with a PDF reader.
Recommended: Adobe Acrobat Reader (free).
We provide easy, step-by-step instructions for folder creation
and the best method of storage.

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How it Works

  • Watch the video!

  • Both BASIC and GOLD versions have the same content. 
    The difference between the two versions is permissions---what you are allowed to do with the material.

  • 15 volumes are in PDF format.
    These are the very same PDF files that are sent to the printers to produce the same volumes that now sell on Amazon.com as physical paperback and hardback books. 

  • 1 bonus volume is web based.
    This is a web-based book that must be read using a web-browser. It is not a PDF file and cannot be downloaded.

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"But I don't like electronic books!"

No argument here!  

Physical books are great for all kinds of reasons.

That's why all of the books in this set are also available in physical format as paperbacks and hardbacks. If you want them that way, you can buy them.

Several Powerful Advantages
  • They are much more powerful as study tools.
    • You can search them--even all of them at once! (See video on right)
    • You can mark, copy, and print them (if you have GOLD Access)
  • They can be MUCH cheaper. 
  • They can be corrected much faster and kept up-to-date more easily.
We love printed books! 

Thankfully, they won't be going away any time soon.

It's just that now, we have more tools at our fingertips to make our study of biblical texts more efficient and more fun!

This resource gives you direct access to electronic versions 

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Four Agreements

By accessing and using this library, you are accepting responsibility to the following:

  • I agree NOT to tamper with or bypass the security systems on any of the books (PDF files).

  • I agree NOT to give to others any e-copies or printed copies that I download, or that I print, excepting for what complies with the US Copyright Laws pertaining to "Fair Use" (as described above).

  • I agree to send any interested parties directly to this current page so they can buy their own  Right of Access  to this material for personal use. 

  • I agree that if I want to "give this offer as a gift" to anyone else, I will do that by purchasing a gift offer for them below on this page.

Ethics, Permissions, & Agreement

This License provides a "Right of Personal Access" to downloadable e-copies of these books for your "Personal Use only," excepting for the "Fair Use" doctrine of US copyright laws.  

"Personal Use" and "Fair Use"

  1. "Personal Use":  means your personal study, including your needs for research and teaching. You are not allowed o make copies for others. 
  2. "Fair Use":  In accordance with the "Fair Use" doctrine of US copyright laws you may make brief excerpts or quote verbatim for purposes such as criticism, news reporting, teaching, and/or research, without the need for permission from or payment to the copyright holder. However, violation of these intents could result in your being fined or sanctioned.

If you want to give as a gift:

If you want to give this resource as a gift  to someone else, you must purchase a gift coupon below for that person. That person will need to agree to the same ethical standards and agreements.

If you cannot agree to these things,
please do not download or use this material.

Thank you so much for your cooperation. 

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Some Details

File Size: The estimated file-size for the entire set is 150 MB total, although exact number is unknown at this time. The downloadable PDF files are being optimized for data transfer which means the file sizes are being made "lighter" without changing the contents. 

Pre-Publication Notice:  "Publication" refers to the finished electronic resource, slated for Christmas 2021.  At the time of this offer, not all of the PDF files are available, even though the paperback and hardback versions have already been published (from 1993 to 2021) and can be purchased on Amazon.com.  At the present time, these files are being processed and uploaded to this offer one book at a time, until all are available. Hence, this offer is in pre-publication status.  At the end of this offer time-frame, the price will go up.

Who gets Access? 

  • All members of IABC's Gold Track get GOLD ACCESS to this entire library automatically, free (after 3 months in the program).
    (Note: Gold Track and Gold Access are not the same thing.)
  • Anyone can purchase either BASIC ACCESS or GOLD ACCESS to this Library for personal use or as a gift for someone else.
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Choose one or both: 
(1) GET as a resource for yourself; (2) GIVE as a gift to others. 

Basic Access

You will get a Password to open and read all the books, and to Search & Find.
Books are enabled for Screen Readers (Visually Impaired). 
You will NOT be able to Mark, Comment, or Copy text and images,
or Print any part of the books. 



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Gold Access

You will get a Password to Open & Access all the books, 
Search & Find, Mark, Underline, Comment, Copy text and images,
and Print sections or whole books. 
Books are enabled for Screen Readers (Visually Impaired). 



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